1. askneppy:


    row row row your boat gently away from me

    Merrily merrily merrily merrily please just fuckin leave

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  2. pussyclestroyer:

    sexting like


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  4. shaunofthebread:

    If only more people thought like this.

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  5. elvishbabe:

    this is my new favourite thing in the world

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  6. unclefather:

    anyone would be lucky to date me. i was “a pleasure to have in class”

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  7. theblackfeathergirl:

    Current mood: Ryan Evans when he wasn’t allowed to sing HumuHumu


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  8. hobbitofthemotherfuckinshire:



    When people make the same text post but in different variations

    When people make variations of the same text post

    When text posts make different variations of people

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  9. malijuanastyles:


    I think it’s lovely how you can sit in a classroom and visualize having sex with someone and nobody will notice at all

    do you know how many angry boys have messaged me about boners because of this post

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    1/? These are just a couple of my favourite supernatural tumblr posts. These are not mine.

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  10. fandom-sandwich:


    if i was harry, i would have stuck a letter down the front of my pants and ran out on the front lawn bc

    1. the dursleys aren’t gonna chase me and cause a scene, it’d upset their pristine reputation
    2. if they DID chase me out, they’d have to put their hand down my pants to get to the letter and i’d just start screaming STRANGER DANGER STRANGER DANGER and fuck up their repuation for real

    you would kill voldemort in first year at that rate

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  11. oh-my-destiel-god:


    panicking about school but not doing anything about it

    panic! at the school ft. fail out boy

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